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2012   Programmer/Host for PERFORMING ALTERITY (an exceptional multi-disciplinary performance art event featuring Christina                         Zeidler, Johanna Householder and Tin Vespers at the Showplace Performance Centre Lounge in Peterborough).


2011    Panelist along with fellow curator Matthew Brower, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) Photography Curator, Sophie Hackett and                        cultural theorist, Dot Tuer on Performing Poetics panel at the University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC). (The discussion takes up                the aesthetics, politics and significance of Suzy Lake’s work in her Political Poetics exhibition.  


             Panelist along with Dr Matthew Brower Suzy Lake, Johanna Householder and Chris Ironside on Self Image Performance panel                  at University of the Toronto Art Centre (UTAC) that addresses the aesthetic, practical and political implications of basing a                          practice in the representation of the artist’s own body).


2009    Moderator for Room to Wonder panel with artists Catherine Heard and Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, AGYU                                        Director/Curator Emelie Chhangur and York U prof Leslie Korrick sponsored by the UpArt Fair at Gladstone Hotel, Toronto. (The              discussion revolves around contemporary implications of collecting, curiosity and wonder).


2008    MAP Grant consultant and moderator for Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) Art Institutions and the Feminist Dialectic              with Emelie Chhangur, Christine Conley, Pamela Edmonds, Sophie Hackett, Johanna Householder, Kristina Huneault, Suzy Lake                and Allyson Mitchell. (This 2-day symposium comprising talks and workshops addresses the issues, contradictions and                                paradoxes surrounding the exhibition, acquisition, and preservation of feminist artwork).


2007    Panelist on OAAG Fall Focus Session Vital Engagement: The Public Art Gallery and Effective Change in the Visual Arts panel with              Clara Hargittay; moderated by: Kim Fullerton at the Schulich School for Business - York University.


             Panelist for A Space Gallery and Women's Art Resource Centre, TAAFI - Toronto Alternative Art Fair International panel The                        Current State of Feminism in Art with Allyson Mitchell, Corinna Ghaznavi, Linda Abrams, and Paulette Phillips moderated by Si                Si Penaloza; sponsored by Drake Hotel.






2014    Shaan Tariq Hassan Syed Fruit Milk Shade, In: OPEN STUDIO Visiting Artists Exhibition: Shaan Syed and Roula Partheniou                          brochure


             Diana Yoo: Across Boundaries in Orange and Blue, In: artLAB Gallery - Western University publication Diana Yoo: Across                            Boundaries brochure


2013    Into the Woods, Etchings by George Raab, In: Art Gallery of Peterborough, Into the Woods, Etchings by George Raab, 14-23


             Flowers, Photography and Feminism, In: AGP and McMaster Museum of Art publication, Flowers and Photography, pg. 17-23


2012     Imagineered Life, In: Critical Mass the Sculpture of Shayne Dark, 6-17


              Reflection, In: Arnold Zageris, On the Labrador, AGP and Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery cat., 7-17


2011    Contradiction and Oscillation in Suzy Lake’s Choreographed Puppets, In: University of Toronto Art Centre, Suzy Lake Political                    Poetics, touring exhibit publication, 26-33


              Rowena Dykins: Riparian, In: AGP Rowena Dykins: Riparian publication, 11-15


2010    Warm Ice, In: AGP Warm Ice publication, 2-15

             Drowning Ophelia, In: Gallery Stratford Online Gallery Brochure


2009    Allyson Mitchell: The Ladies Sasquatch, Theory and Practice, In: McMaster Museum of Art, Allyson Mitchell Ladies Sasquatch                    touring exhibit publication, 14-19


2007     21st Century Chandelier, In: Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery and Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 18 Illuminations publication,                   21-24


2006    Gravity’s Grace, In: McMaster Museum of Art, Falling From Grace publication, 5-6.


2005     fair cruelty, In: University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Fair Cruelty brochure


2003    Looking for Dick, In: OPEN STUDIO, brochure


2002    Pool, In: York Quay Gallery - Harbourfront Centre, publication, 1-13


2001    Ho Tam’s Lessons, In: Gallery TPW publication, 11-15




2012     Jason Willaford: Reclaimed Icons, excerpts to be published in: coming 2014 Oklahoma       

             Contemporary exhibition publication Info Nation Over/Load


2005    Frank Madler in Spring Canadian Art Magazine. Vol. 23 No 2Lucky, Lori Newdick in Spring C Magazine, Issue No.89


             The Invisible Man, In: Writings on Mike Hoolboom, AGYU web newspaper


2004    Is Tim Lee’s Untitled 2004 Photograph a one-liner or a double take? in Spring Artery


            Donnigan Cumming, in Canadian Art Magazine Autumn Rewind






2013    Into the Woods Etchings by George Raab, Texts by: Jann LM Bailey, Carla Garnet, Images by: George Raab, Peterborough AGP


            Flowers and Photography, Texts by: Edward Collass, Carla Garnet, Sally McKay,  Images by: Barbara Astman, Lori Newdick, Sasha             YungJu Lee, Suzy Lake, Dyan Marie and Sara Angelucci, Hamilton: AGP and McMaster Museum of Art


2012    Critical Mass: Sculpture by Shayne Dark, Texts by: Carla Garnet, Gil McElroy, Images by: Shayne Dark, Peterborough, AGP


2011    Suzy Lake Political Poetics, with Brower, Texts by: Matthew Brower, Carla Garnet, Dot Tuer, Images by: Suzy Lake,

            Toronto: University of Toronto Art Centre,


            Rowena Dykins: Riparian, Texts by: Jonathan Bordo, Carla Garnet, Images by: Rowena Dykins, Peterborough, AGP


            Michael Caines: Wild Tame, Texts by:  Carla Garnet, Thomas Butter, R.M. Vaughan, Images by: Michael Caines,

            Peterborough, AGP


            Robert Houle’s Paris/Ojibwa, Texts by: Barry Ace, Nelcya Delanoe, Robert Houle, and David McIntosh,

            Images by: Robert Houle, Peterborough, AGP


2009   Allyson Mitchell: The Ladies Sasquatch, Texts by: Ann Cvetkovich, Carla Garnet, Josie Mills and Allyson Mitchell,

            Images by: Allyson Mitchell, Hamilton, McMaster Museum of Art


2007    18 Illuminations, Contemporary Art and Light, Texts by: Carla Garnet, Corrina Ghaznavi,

             Images by: Stephen Andrews, Kenn Bass, Janet Bellotto, Dana Claxton, Tom Dean, Stan Denniston,

             Sarindar Dhaliwal, Reuel Dechene, Luis Jacob, Bill Jones, Micah Lexier, Bernie Miller, Sheila Moss, Lisa Neighbour,

             Ed Pien,Chrysanne Stathacos, Sharon Switzer, and Tim Whiten, Oshawa, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery


2006   Falling From Grace, Sharon Switzer, Essays by: Carla Garnet, Dr Steve Reinke, Dr Linda Steer,

            Images by Sharon Switzer, Hamilton, McMaster Museum 






1990-97 shows listed below:

1997    Sharon Switzer: pulling through; Sasha YungJu Lee: Making Invisible; Visible, John Abrams:

Tableau; Sean Watson, Meditations on Red, White and Blue; John Abrams, Janieta Eyre, Angela Grossmann and Natalka Husar: Absolut Los Angeles International Biennial Invitational on view at Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica, California; Ben Walmsley: STILL; Janieta Eyre: “3/4 BLIND”; Oliver Girling and Angela Grossmann: Surrender; Natalka Husar, Sean Watson, Ben Smit, Miles Roberts, Sasha YungJu Lee, Carlo Cesta, Gretchen Sankey, Natalie Olanick, Sharon Switzer, Nancy Kembry, Janieta Eyre, Robert Houle, W.S. Brown, Ho Tam, Martha Judge, Bill Jones, Ben Walmsley, Katharine Harvey, Phil Jackson, John Abrams, Oliver Girling, Michael Belmore, David Morrow, Warren Quigley & Alex de Cosson: Snow  

1996    Janieta Eyre, Christianne L'Esperance and Carolyn Samkova: Swoon guest curated by Carol Podedworny; Warren Quigley: Garden Variety; Ho Tam: The Secret Garden; Michael Belmore:
Acculturated; Robert Houle: Pontiac's Conspiracy; Carlo Cesta: Romance Language; Bill Jones: Idolatry; Alex de Cosson: Flora Island

1995    Sharon Switzer, Natalka Husar, Janieta Eyre, Jane Buyers, Natalie Olanick, Ilse Gassinger, Chris Wilcox, Carlo Cesta, Andy Fabo, Bill Jones, Ben Walmsley, Ho Tam, Stephen Andrews, Geoffrey Shea, Phil Jackson, Sean Watson, Robert Houle, Michael Belmore, John Abrams, Warren Quigley, Alex de Cosson, and Michael Hoolbloom: Ice Storm; John Abrams: Criminals and Deities; Deborah Esch and Phil Jackson: would you turn back?; Janieta Eyre: Incarnations; Ben Walmsley: Poems for Lost Children; Chrysanne Stathacos: Rose; Natalka Husar: Black Sea Blue

1994    Andy Fabo: Rules of the Game; Robert Houle: Premises for Self-Rule; Group show with over seventy-five artists: Dreaming of You; Jane Buyers: Practica; Bill Jones: Superstition;  Sheila Butler: She Takes Refuge in Dreams; Warren Quigley: Chronicle; April Hickox: When the Mind Hears


Alex de Cosson, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Ilse Gassinger, Carlos Cesta, Geoffrey Shea and John Dickson: Manual guest curated by Natalie Olanick; Stephen Andrews and Deborah Esch: Safe;
John Abrams: Wild Life and Super Models; Julie Voyce, Carlo Cesta, David Rasmus and Ben Smit, Rob Clarke and Nancy Davenport: Smash Mega Hits Explosion guest curated by Robert Flack; Ben Walmsley: Ten stanzas: 360 Degrees; Chrysanne Stathacos: Pop, Pop, Pop - After Her Life; Carlo Cesta: Handi-Work; Bill Jones: Black Heart and Other Photographic Hallucinations

Isaac Applebaum and Robert Houle: Trajectories of Meaning... guest curated by Carol Podedworny; Andy Fabo: Detritus; Isaac Applebaum: weeping; Jane Buyers: Prossimita e Distanza; Hamish Buchanan, Martha Judge, Cornelia Meyer, Kika Throne and Robert Windrum Re: Dressing the Body guest curated by “Clamorous Intentions” (Sharon Switzer, Claire Sykes and Frederick Peters); John Abrams, Simon Glass, Bill Jones, Andy Moses and Chrysanne Stathacos: Five Sheets to the Wind; Stephen Andrews: Facsimile; Isaac Applebaum, Andy Fabo, Natalie Olanick and Tove Patterson: Cachet & Currency; April Hickox: Roses, Wind & Other Stories; Janis Bowely & Oliver Kellhammer: Green

Natalka Husar: True Confessions; John Abrams: Rethinking History; Andy Fabo: Accumulated Drawings; Carlo Cesta: Imaginerring; John Armstrong, Paul Collins, Robert Flack, and Bill Jones:

Light Sensitive - Academy en Rose guest curated by Sharon Switzer; Michael Merrill: Reclining Nude; Chrysanne Stathacos: Lyric; Ben Walmsley: White; Kenny and Rebecca Baird: Thirst; Bill Jones:  Orectic Objects; Robert Flack: Empowerment

Rebecca Baird, Jane Buyers, Sybil Goldstein, Natalka Husar, Chrysanne Stathacos, and Janet Werner: Memory & Subjectivity guest curated by Janice Andre; Janet Werner: Preverbal; Stephen Andrews: Sins of the Fathers; Paul Collins: Magnetic Tapes; John Abrams, Simon Glass, Bill Jones, Warren Quigley and Carlo Cesta: Furnace; Isaac Applebaum: Cruelty of Stone; Michael Merrill: Stations of the Cross; Jane Buyers: A Room of One’s Own; Kathe Burkhart Susan Silas Perry Bard; Andy Moses John Miller Jessica Diamond Robert Morgan Marilyn Minter, Aura Rosenberg, Juede Schndenwien and Bill Jones: Sex and Language guest curated by Chrysanne Stathacos


Some highlights from Garnet Press Gallery exhibits:


Sharon Switzer “pulling through” 
Sasha Yung Ju Lee “Making Invisible, Visible” 
Both artists, recent MFA graduates, create using computer-assisted images. Sasha's portraits of herself as a cover girl for ‘Vanity Fair’, ‘Cosmo’, ‘Rolling Stone’, ‘House & Garden’, etc., are reviewed in the Toronto Star and on December 21, 1997. Christopher Hume's review claims that Lee is "Artist of the Year!" Martha Hanna selects Lee’s work for exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography/The National Gallery of Canada.  Julia Creet review of Sharon’s evocative installation appears in Mixed Magazine. 

October - November
John Abrams “Tableau” 
New work from two continuing series, Wild Life & Super Models and Criminals and Deities, are presented as large paintings and shelf installations. Work from the exhibition is placed in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of North York, and exhibited as part of the Garnet Press Gallery installation at the Sherry Frumkin Gallery at the Absolut Los Angeles International Biennial 1997. 

Sean Watson “Meditations on Red, White and Blue” 
Computer Assisted Prints by Watson mines the artist experience of growing up Black in North America. The show, in the artist's words "describes what could be and what is”. During the exhibition, headhunters from the Disney Channel descend and whisk Sean off to Los Angles to perform a little computer magic for them. This inaugural solo show is given a full-page review inCanadian Art Magazine.

July - August
“Absolut Los Angeles International Biennial Invitational” 
John Abrams, Janieta Eyre, Angela Grossmann and Natalka Husar
Sherry Frumkin Gallery of Santa Monica. 
Garnet Press Gallery receives External Affairs funding for flights, accommodations. Garnet Press selects, crates, and insures, brokers and ships show to LA and back.  Garnet Press initiates a reception held by Kim Campbell, the Canadian Ambassador in LA for the four Canadian galleries participating. The Garnet Press show at Sherry Frumkin is positively reviewed in the Los Angles Times.

May – June
Ben Walmsley “STILL” 
“STILL” both enchants and disturbs its audience with its potent symbolism and obvious technical beauty. This compelling series of oils elicit painting styles from the Dutch Renaissance through to Pop Art. The exhibition is featured with an article and on the cover 

C Magazine the exhibition. The gallery places works with McCarthy Tetrault and Johnson and Johnson’s permanent collections.

Janieta Eyre “3/4 BLIND” 
“3/4 BLIND” a show of photographs from Eyre’s continuing “Incarnations” series, in which the artist portrays her fictional self and its twin by using double exposure techniques is reviewed in Toronto Life and NOW magazines. The gallery places work with the C.M.C.P., Mendel Art Gallery, Bailey & Company, and Vos Productions’ collections.  Garnet Press Gallery procures additional representation for Eyre with commercial galleries in Vancouver, New York and Santa Monica.

Oliver Girling and Angela Grossmann, “Surrender” 
“Surrender” presents the work of two important conceptual painters, Oliver Girling, (Toronto) and Angela Grossmann, (Vancouver) who are adept at creating disturbingly beautiful works featuring convicts and mournful physiognomies. The Toronto Star reviews the exhibition.


January - February
Carol Podedworny, Guest Curator

“Swoon” Janieta Eyre, Christianne L'Esperance and Carolyn Samkova 
“Swoon”, presents a complex perspective on sensuality and femininity on the work of Janieta Eyre, Christianne L'Esperance and Carolyn Samkova. Podedworny writes, "Within the work of theses artists’, history is called forth, embodied both in ‘props' and materials, to reckon with the human conscience as the third millennium rises.” Garnet Press places pieces from this show in the collections of the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. The show is reviewed in the Globe and Mail.

“Snow” Gallery Artist & Associates 
Snow, a seasonal celebration of light, features the work of: Natalka Husar, Sean Watson, Ben Smit, Miles Roberts, Sasha Yung Ju Lee, Carlo Cesta, Gretchen Sankey, Natalie Olanick, Sharon Switzer, Nancy Kembry, Janieta Eyre, Gabriel Isrealievitch, Susan Evenson, Robert Houle, W.S. Brown, Ho Tam, Martha Judge, Bill Jones, Ben Walmsley, Katharine Harvey, Phil Jackson, John Abrams, Oliver Girling, Michael Belmore, Howard Ross, David Morrow, Warren Quigley and Alex de Cosson.  The Globe & Mail, devotes two articles tot the show. The art critic, Gillian Mackay, states that the inclusive nature of exhibition captures the spirit of the Christmas season by exhibiting fine work that revels in our cultural diversity.

October - November
Warren Quigley “Garden Variety” 
Environmentalist explorations of nature and artifice in the realm of the garden are explored in a Donald Judd inspired installation. Quigley is invited to create an installation for the Toronto Sculpture Garden, The Dundas Valley School and the Koffler Centre.

Ho Tam “The Secret Garden” 
A brochure accompanies Ho Tam’s “The Secret Garden” with text by poet Wayson Choy and cultural theorist Andy Fabo. Fabo states that although influenced by a American "Pop” sensibilities, Ho Tam's practices flips the American mythology of the melting pot by asserting that roots do matter, and that we can neither escape outposts or nor the stereotypes that are projected unto us. The exhibition tours to Gallery 101, Ottawa and Plug In, Winnipeg. Ho is invited to do a residency at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

June - July
Michael Belmore “Acculturated” 
“Acculturated” is composed of drawings of urban and clear-cut landscapes mounted on Lexan light-boxes, and of Lucite sculptures of Wampun Belts on which the artist has sand-blasted messages critiquing the acculturation of Aboriginal People. Work is placed in the permanent collections of Indian Affairs, the Woodland Cultural Centre (Brantford) and the McMichael Art Centre (Klienburg). The show is reviewed in Fuse Magazine and Aboriginal Voices. The Banff Centre for their residency program invites Michael.

Robert Houle “Pontiac's Conspiracy” 
Robert Houle's “Pontiac's Conspiracy” commemorates the historical Odawa chief and the family car. By threading through 17th century North American history to the present day, Houle plays with the double meaning of the brand name "Pontiac", thereby examining how history may be simultaneously exploited and celebrated. The Art Gallery of Windsor, The Burnaby Art Gallery, the Whitby Station Gallery and the Royal Bank of Canada collect paintings from this show.

Carlo Cesta “Romance Language” 
Carlo Cesta's “Romance Language” is a storehouse of finde-siècle drawings, sculptures and mixed media constructions. Sculptures from this show are selected for exhibition at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, the London Regional, and the Power Plant's 1997 summer exhibition, Rococo Tattoo and for the Daglas Underground, an international group show in Copenhagen. Cesta’s exhibition at Garnet Press is reviewed in C Magazine and the Globe and Mail.

Bill Jones “Idolatry” 
In “Idolatry”, Bill Jones continues to uncover the fictions of chance and the elimination of the hand from image making, alluding to the ancient biblical prohibitions against idolatry. Selections of this work are chosen for “Chasing Angels” at the Christine Rose Gallery and “Wheel of Fortune” at Lombard Freid Fine Arts, New York.

January – February
Alex de Cosson “Flora Island” Exterior & Interior Installation
Alex de Cosson's “Flora Island” is a two-part sculpture installation of photographs, notes and found objects collected from British Columbia's Flora Island. This assemblage speaks about the typically Canadian longing to both escape from nature and return to it, and the spiritual ache brought about by this environmental insanity. Gail Swinthenbank and David Clarkson invite Alex to create a site-specific piece for Arts Initiative in Tribecca, New York. Glen Cumming represents, the exterior component of  “Flora Island” at “The Boat Show” at the Art Gallery of North York.

Gallery Artists “Christmas Story”
Garnet Press presents a group exhibition by gallery artists Janieta Eyre, Sharon Switzer, Natalka Husar, Jane Buyers, Natalie Olanick, Ilse Gassinger, Chris Wilcox, Carlo Cesta, Andy Fabo, Bill Jones, Ben Walmsley, Ho Tam, Stephen Andrews, Geofrey Shea, Phil Jackson, Sean Watson, Robert Houle, Michael Belmore, John Abrams, Brendan Duggan, Warren Quigley, Alex de Cosson, and Michael Hoolbloom.

October - November
John Abrams “Criminals and Deities” 
John Abrams' exhibition “Criminals and Deities” is covered by CBC TV News. The Cameron Public House commissions an exterior mural and several works are placed in private collections.

Deborah Esch and Phil Jackson “would you turn back?”  
“would you turn back?” combines text by Deborah Esch, Director of University of Toronto's Department of Comparative Literature, with piercingly beautiful selenium-toned black & white large format photographs by Phil Jackson. The exhibition tours to the Cambridge Print Room in England and the Woodstock Art Gallery in Ontario.

Janieta Eyre “Incarnations” 
“Incarnations” is Janieta Eyre's first photography exhibition. In these psychologically charged narratives, the artist acts as photographer and model, depicting herself as an eerie doppelganger. Curator, Philip Monk selects photographs from this show for the Power Plant's “Beauty #2”, and for Gallery 44's “Proof”, curator, James Patton selects Eyre’s photographs for the London Reginald’s touring exhibition Young Contemporaries. “Incarnations” is reviewed in NOW Magazine, the Globe and Mail, and theToronto Star

Ben Walmsley “Poems for Lost Children” 
Ben Walmsley's beautifully simple images of common objects are juxtaposed with the bold typeface of banner headlines or ad copy. Law firms McCarthy Tetrault, and Gowling Strathy & Henderson acquire paintings from this exhibition.

Chrysanne Stathacos “Rose” 
In her “Rose” installation, Chrysanne Stathacos fleshes out her fictional persona Anne de Cybelle, investigating earlier romanticism and analyzing beauty on the edge. Chrysanne is invited to exhibit "Rose Wall” as part of the “Wallflower” show at the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago. Stathacos’ work is chosen along with that of artists such as Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo Hall Walls' “20th Anniversary” exhibition at the Burchfield Penny Centre, Buffalo.

February - March
Natalka Husar “Black Sea Blue”
For Natalka Husar's “Black Sea Blue”, Garnet Press produces an innovative catalogue-book in collaboration with Karen Schnoover, curator at the Rosemont Public Art Gallery, with an essay by Carol Podedworny and fiction by Ihor Holubizky. The exhibition travels to the Douglas Udell Galleries, the Rosemount Art Gallery, the
Robert McLaughlin Gallery, and the Mendel Art Gallery. Garnet Press Gallery places paintings in the collections of The National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council Art Bank and several private collections. Reviews appear everywhere as the show crosses the country.

November- December 
Andy Fabo “Rules of the Game”  
In “Rules of the Game’, Andy Fabo explores transgressive sexuality while gently lampooning the modernist school of geometric abstraction. Two of Andy's installations are shown in Carol Podedworny's exhibition “Reading/The Language of Culture” at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. His series “Manhandling Matisse” is selected by curator Bill Arning along with pieces by: Cary Liebowitz, Deborah Kass, Nayland Blake Phrank and Nicole Eisenmann for the White Columns gallery's exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Stone Wall Riots.

September – October 
Robert Houle “Premises for Self-Rule”  
Robert Houle's “Premises for Self Rule” combines photography, painting and text in order to create a site of politicization. Five tableaux address treaties signed between 1763 and 1982 establishing a place to begin to understand the current aboriginal dialogue with the government of Canada. These self described "cultural conceits” are informed by Robert's indigenous history, identity and experience. Robert's work is acquired from this exhibition by: The Art Gallery of Winnipeg, The Art Gallery of North York, The Canada Council Art Bank, and by the law Firms Genest Murray Debrisay Lamek and Osler Hoskin and Harcourt. Phillip Monk commissions Houle to create an installation for the AGO and Houle’s "Anishabe Walker Court" is mounted and remains on view for one year at the AGO. Later, paintings from Houle’s Garnet Press show are borrowed from their various institutional holdings for shows curated by Linda Michael's for the Art Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia and by Doreen Mignot for the Stedjegist Museum in Amsterdam.

July – August 
“Dreaming of You” 
Dreaming of You, is the fruit of an open call to celebrate and remember the charm, talent and generosity of David Buchan, Robert Flack and Tim Jocelyn. These three artists were able to create real intersections between the visual arts, gay, fashion, theatre and music communities. They invited us to participate in events larger than ourselves and gave us moments of pure ecstasy. Their spirit of intelligence and delight continues to prevail and to give us hope even after they've all been felled by the complications of HIV. Over seventy-five artists responded to dream a place where souls collide, slip into the bedclothes of remembrance or dress up for the night. Over 1,000 people joined us on that hot sweet summer night. The opening was covered live on CITY TV, and the show reviewed by the Globe and Mail, NOW, and CKLN radio.

Jane Buyers “Practica”
“Practica” continues Jane Buyer's thesis on growth and learning, a central theme in her work for the past two decades. Sylviane de Roquebrune, curator at the Glendon Gallery, York University selects work out of the show for her two-person project Harvest. Jane is invited to show at the Anderson Gallery in Buffalo. The Art Gallery of North York and the Canada Council Art Bank acquire bronzes for their collections.

Bill Jones “Superstition”  
In “Superstition”, Bill Jones tackles issues of perception, representation, and the nature of sight. Curator, Ingrid Jenkner,
Of the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina selects Jones’ photo-based “Superstition”  for inclusion in her project “Visual Evidence”. Garnet Press produces a curatorial project entitled “Scared Comedies - Bill Jones/Chrysanne Stathacos with a catalogue for the director Elizabeth Licata at Castellani Art Museum at Niagara University. The Castellani acquires work from both artists for its permanent collection.

Sheila Butler “She Takes Refuge in Dreams”
Garnet Press and Paul Petro Contemporary Fine Art collaborate to present an exhibition of new work on paper by Sheila Butler, Fine Arts Professor at Western University, and entitled “She Takes Refuge in Dreams”. Sheila's drawings are informed by her recent thesis on Meret Oppenheim and her interest in psychoanalysis. The Woodstock Art Gallery and the law firm Osler & Hoskin acquire drawings from the exhibition.

Warren Quigley “Chronicle”
“Chronicle” continues Warren Quigley's examination of the dynamic of rupture and control between modern civilization and nature. The exhibition tours to the White Water Gallery, North Bay.

January - February
April Hickox “When the Mind Hears” 
Garnet Press presents April Hickox's “When the Mind Hears” in collaboration with Gallery 44's Centre for Contemporary Photography. April focuses on language and communication issues in photographic diptychs and single images documenting her deaf daughter's development. Garnet Press places work from this show in the collections of the Canada Council Art Bank and the CMCP) Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

November - December
Natalie Olanick, Guest Curator

Alex de Cosson, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Ilse Gassinger, Carlos Cesta, Geoffrey Shea and John Dickson “Manual”  
Garnet Press produces guest curator Natalie Olanick's project “Manual” along with accompanying brochure with a text by the curator, which addresses the work of Alex de Cosson, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Ilse Gassinger, Carlos Cesta, Geoffrey Shea and John Dickson. 

Stephen Andrews and Deborah Esch “Safe” 
“Safe” features words by Deborah Esch and pictures by Stephen Andrews in a collaborative bookwork. Betty Anne Jordan for Canadian Art Magazine reviews safe. Work from the exhibition is place in numerous private collections.

John Abrams “Wild Life and Super Models”
In “Wild Life & Super Models”, Abrams pursues his analysis of the relationship of industry to culture. The Eastwick Gallery in Chicago picks up the artist. Hall Walls curator, Sara Kellner, selects work from the exhibition for her project "Will You Go Out With Me?” The show is reviewed in NOW Magazine. Work is placed in the collection of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Abrams is selected by the Chicago Jury to represent Toronto in the Chicago Sister City Mural Project for the New International Terminal of O'Hare Airport.

July – August
Robert Flack, Guest Project “Smash Mega Hits Explosion”  
Garnet Press produces Robert Flack's invitational exhibition “Smash Mega Hits Explosion”, with work by Toronto artists, Julie Voyce, Carlo Cesta, David Rasmus and Ben Smit, as well as by New York artists Rob Clarke and Nancy Davenport. The show receives coverage in XTRA!, NOW and C Magazine.

Ben Walmsley “Ten stanzas: 360 Degrees”
“Ten stanzas: 360 Degrees” is Ben Walmsley's fourth installment in his ongoing examination of colour and the mechanics of representational painting. Oakville Galleries picks up the entire series for a solo exhibition entitled “Gospelling the Sound of Colour” and tours the show to the Cambridge Art Gallery. Oakville also produces a beautiful colour brochure with text by Carolyn Farrell Bell and purchases work from the show.  Garnet Press places work from this exhibition in the collections of McCarthy Tetrault, Genest Murray Debrisay and Lemeck, and the London Life Insurance Company.

Chrysanne Stathacos “Pop, Pop, Pop - After Her Life”
“Pop, Pop, Pop - After Her Life” introduces Anne de Cybelle as the artist's alter ego. Chrysanne Stathacos creates a fictional female character that is shunned by the academies in 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th century. Dancing across time Chrysanne creates the dresses, and paintings her character Anne de Cybelle might have created and exhibited had she be given the chance. Mary Misner, director of the
Cambridge Art Gallery selects two of Stathacos’ "ball gowns" for the Cambridge collection. NYC Arts Magazine prints full page review. 

Carlo Cesta “Handi-Work” 
“Handi-Work” Cesta's fifth solo exhibition with Garnet Press is preceded by exhibition at the AGO which showcases Cesta in a two person exahibition curated by Christina Ritchie. Art Gallery of Mississauga, curator Stuart Reid commissions an outdoor site-specific work for AGM by Cesta.

Bill Jones “Black Heart and Other Photographic Hallucinations” 
In “Black Heart and Other Photographic Hallucinations”; Bill Jones identifies light not just as a topic but also as a meditation. This body of work that is first presented in Toronto travels to the Amy Lipton Gallery, New York. Carry Pryzbola, curator at the High Museum, represents this exhibition in fall 1994 in Atlanta. Bill Jones is asked to guest edits Volume #1 of the Journal of Emily Carr college of Art and Design, "Photography Without Apology" which features essays by Jones, Walter Ben Michaels and Helga Pakasarr.

January – February 
Carol Podedworny, Guest Curator

Isaac Applebaum and Robert Houle “Trajectories of Meaning...” 
Garnet Press produces a guest curatorial project and brochure by Thunder Bay Exhibition Centre curator, Carol Podedworny. “Trajectories of Meaning...” includes work by Isaac Applebaum and Robert Houle. C Magazine invites Applebaum to create an artist project based on his work in the exhibition “power of the dead”; the National Gallery of Canada acquires Houle’s “Seven In Steel”.

November - December
Andy Fabo “Detritus” 
Andy Fabo's fifth exhibition with Garnet Press Gallery is an installation made up of hundreds of collages and drawings deals with accumulation, debasement and devolution of art as part of the post-modern condition. Garnet Press places Fabo’s installation entitled “Aphasia”, which toured the United Kingdom along with the work of Micah Lexier, with the Glenbow in Calgary. Andy is invited by the Banff Centre to create a series of AIDS public service announcements.

Isaac Applebaum “weeping” 
Using his camera as a witness, Isaac Applebaum shoots British Columbia's mountains “weeping”. Ace Art, Winnipeg, curator Debra Mosher selects photographs from “weeping” for her show “Passionate Regards” and Michael Regan of Canada House selects work from Isaac’s previous Garnet Press exhibition, “UN”, for the British International Print Biennial. Garnet Press places an Applebaum photo-based work in the collection of Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK.

Jane Buyers “Prossimita e Distanza”
“Prossimita e Distanza” is a show curated by Gilbert Reid for the Canadian Cultural Centre in Rome. Garnet Press presents it in Toronto. For the Toronto exhibit, Jane adds two new sculptures created during her sojourn in Italy. Her cultivated bronzes depict open books sprouting with fruit trees, plants, roses and cabbages. She is invited to collaborate with Stephen Andrews on “A Knot Garden” for the Power Plant's Redesigning Paradise. Bronzes from this show are placed in the permanent collection of the Canada Council Art Bank and the Art Gallery of North York.

July - August
Clamorous Intentions' Guest Curators, (Sharon Switzer, Claire Sykes and Frederick Peters)

Hamish Buchanan, Martha Judge, Cornelia Meyer, Kika Throne and Robert Windrum. “Re: Dressing the Body”
Garnet Press Gallery produces a brochure and hosts curatorial collective Clamorous Intentions' (Sharon Switzer, Claire Sykes and Frederick Peters) project: “Re: Dressing the Body”. The exhibition addresses two central issues: the subject's relationship to history, and the body in relation to the self through the work of Hamish Buchanan, Martha Judge, Cornelia Meyer, Kika Throne and Robert Windrum. Re: Dressing the Body is covered by CITY TV and XTRA!

John Abrams, Simon Glass, Bill Jones, Andy Moses and Chrysanne Stathacos “Five Sheets to the Wind”
Five Sheets to the Wind celebrates the intoxicating vitality of creativity. The show features the work of New York's Bill Jones, Andy Moses and Chrysanne Stathacos as well as Toronto’s John Abrams and Simon Glass. A brochure was produced. Show is reviewed in the Toronto Star and NOW Magazine.

Stephen Andrews “Facsimile” 
Stephen Andrews' “Facsimile” is a four-part exhibition of graphite and beeswax drawings. This exhibition proves to be a breakthrough for the artist and Garnet Press Gallery. Part I (48 drawings) is acquired by the National Gallery of Canada, Part II (24 drawings) by the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Part III (24 drawings) by Oakville Galleries, and Part IV (28 drawings) by the Art Gallery of North York. 

Isaac Applebaum, Andy Fabo, Natalie Olanick and Tove Patterson “Cachet & Currency” 
This project includes the work of Canadian artists Isaac Applebaum, Andy Fabo and Natalie Olanick along with Italian artist Tove Patterson. Parachute and the Toronto Star favorably review the exhibition.

April Hickox “Roses, Wind & Other Stories”
April Hickox's Roses, Wind & Other Stories is presented by Presentation House in Vancouver. The show tours to Galerie Sequence in Chicoutimi, Galerie Vu, Quebec City, Floating Gallery in Winnipeg and .Garnet Press. The Gallery works closely with all of these public galleries and assists in the production of a brochure.

February - March
Janis Bowely & Oliver Kellhammer   
Garnet Press Gallery presents installations by British Colombians Janis Bowely and Oliver Kellhamer. The outcome of this exhibition is our first sale to bona fide celebrities: singers/ songwriters Paul Simon & Edie Brickell.

January - February
Natalka Husar “True Confessions” 
Natalka Husar's “True Confessions” originates at Garnet Press and tours to La Centrale/Galerie Powerhouse, Montreal, Woltjen/Udell Galleries Vancouver, Edmonton and Plug-In Inc., in Winnipeg. Garnet Press Gallery produces a colour catalogue to accompany Husar’s touring exhibit. Work from the exhibition is placed in the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

John Abrams “Rethinking History”
“Rethinking History” tours to the Niagara Artist Centre. Carol Podedworny selects paintings from this exhibition for a group exhibition with artists Ed Poitras, Jane Ash Poitras, Robert Houle, Sara Leydon, and Stephen Andrews at Mercer Union. Garnet Press places paintings from Abrams’ show in the permanent collections of The Art Gallery of North York, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, and the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. The exhibition is reviewed in C Magazine.

Andy Fabo “Accumulated Drawings”
In “Accumulated Drawings”, Andy Fabo gathers recent drawings to form meaning through association. UK, Canada House curator, Michael Regan selects work from exhibition in London. Curator Annette Hurtig also selects drawings from this exhibition and Stephen Andrews' previous show “Sins of the Fathers” for her project, “Singing the Body Ephemeral” at the Burnaby Art Gallery. In another project by the same curator, work by Andy Fabo and Shelagh Keeley is selected to tour from the Canadian Cultural Services Gallery in Paris to the Kamloops Art Gallery in British Columbia. 

Carlo Cesta “Imaginerring” 
Carlo Cesta's “Imagineering” continues the artist’s exploration of putting industrial materials to the service of image making. Cesta's work embraces the aesthetics of "high" and "low" art, charting a complex attitude toward nature, culture and technology. Work is placed in the Canada Council Art Bank. 

July – August
Sharon Switzer, Guest Curator

John Armstrong, Paul Collins, Robert Flack, and Bill Jones “Light Sensitive - Academy en Rose” 
Garnet Press Gallery presents an exhibition curated by Sharon Switzer that includes the photo-based work of John Armstrong, Paul Collins, Robert Flack, and Bill Jones. The Gallery produces a brochure and tours the exhibition to the Art Gallery of Woodstock. “Light Sensitive” is reviewed by the Globe and Mail.

Michael Merrill “Reclining Nude - Over the Edge” 
Michael Merrill's Reclining Nude - Over the Edge represents a shift in sensibilities for the Montreal artist. This new work is informed by realities of working from life, and the immediacy, which results from decay. Merrill's paintings are selected for shows at Gallery Pink and the Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal. Merrill's Garnet Press show is reviewed the Toronto Star and C Magazine.

Chrysanne Stathacos   
New York's Chrysanne Stathacos second solo exhibition at Garnet Press is reviewed in ARTS Magazine. Selections from Stathacos’ Garnet Press show are chosen by curator Bill Arning for “Lyric” at White Columns, by Roger G Denson for “The New Metaphysics” at the Amy Lipton Gallery, New York and for Real Art Ways in 
Hartford, Connecticut.

Ben Walmsley “White”
White is third component of Walmsley's three-part programme, 
“Gospelling the Sound of Colour”. Paintings from this exhibition are selected by Peter Day for the London Regional's National touring exhibition. “Young Contemporaries”. Karen Henry, curator of the Burnaby Art Gallery presents all three parts of “Gospelling the Sound of Colour” in 1992 in British Columbia.

March - April 
Kenny and Rebecca Baird “Thirst” 
“Thirst” is the second collaborative exhibition by Kenny and Rebecca Baird, two Canadian aboriginal artists who happen to be siblings at Garnet Press. Gerald Ferguson selects some work for the Canadian Museum of Civilizations' 1992 anniversary of Columbus's arrival in the New World show and the Museum acquires theses pieces for its permanent collection.

February - March
Bill Jones “Orectic Objects” 
Bill Jones' “Orectic Objects” means objects that "reach out". This exhibition by the New York artist explores the process of making a photograph.  Charlota Kotick, curator of the Brooklyn Museum remounts this exhibition in New York. “Orectic Objects” is reviewed in C Magazine. Its Brooklyn showing is reviewed in Arts Magazine.

January - February
Robert Flack “Empowerment” 
Robert Flack’s “Empowerment” is co-production between Feature New York, Philip Rizo Paris, and Garnet Press Gallery, which has the photo-based installation opening in all three spaces within the same week! Bruce Grenville, curator of the Mendel Art Gallery selects work from “Empowerment” for his two-part project “Corpus”. Nancy Campbell curator of the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre presents exhibition of Flack’s work in Guelph. Garnet Press places Flack's work in the permanent collections of both institutions.

Janice Andre, Guest Curator

Rebecca Baird, Jane Buyers, Sybil Goldstein, Natalka Husar, Chrysanne Stathacos, and Janet Werner. “Memory & Subjectivity”  
In “Memory & Subjectivity”, six women artists’ present works, which explores how, remembered detail functions in the construction of the subject. Garnet Press Gallery produces a catalogue with an essay by Janice Andrea and reproductions of works by Rebecca Baird, Jane Buyers, Sybil Goldstein, Natalka Husar, Chrysanne Stathacos, and Janet Werner. Garnet Press tours the show to the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, the Chatham Cultural Centre, and the Thunder Bay Exhibition Centre.

Janet Werner 
Garnet Press Gallery presents the paintings of Janet Werner, a graduate of Yale's MFA program and a professor of Art and Art History at University of Saskatchewan. Bruce Grenville selects Werner’s paintings for an exhibition at the Mendel Art Gallery.

Stephen Andrews “Sins of the Fathers” 
“Sins of the Fathers”, Stephen Andrews's lyrical exhibition, is accompanied by a hardbound book co produced by the artist and Garnet Press Gallery. The Gallery places Andrews's beautiful drawings in a number of important collections, such as Bailey & Company, the Canada Council Art Bank, Gluckstein & Sheff, and the AGO's.

Paul Collins “Magnetic Tapes” 
“Magnetic Tapes” by Paris artist Paul Collins is suggestive of blackboards or television screens. In these "prerecorded paintings”, paint is referred to without actually being present, and information is present without actually being accessible. Work from this exhibition is selected for "Word Perfect" by Ihor Holubizky, the curator of the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and later acquired for the AGH's permanent collection. Some pieces are selected for an exhibition at CREAC, a contemporary art centre in metro Paris.

June – July
Simon Glass, Bill Jones, Warren Quigley and Carlo Cesta “Furnace” 
“Furnace” showcases the photographs of Simon Glass and Bill Jones, paintings by and the sculptures of Warren Quigley and Carlo Cesta. Both the Globe and Mail and C Magazine review the exhibition.

Isaac Applebaum “Cruelty of Stone”

Michael Merrill 
Garnet Press presents Isaac Applebaum's new photo based installation “Cruelty of Stone”. The show engages curator Peter Krause, who invites Isaac to show at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal. Martha Hanna selects excerpts for the permanent collection of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Michael Merrill's new large oils and small gauche paintings are also exhibited. Merrill is awarded the Canada Council studio in Paris, France.

Jane Buyers, 
University of Waterloo; Fine Arts Professor Jane Buyers presents new sculptures. Work from the exhibition is placed in the permanent collection of Charles Street Video. The Buyer’s exhibition is reviewed in the Toronto Star and Parachute Magazine.


“Sex and Language” Chrysanne Stathacos Guest Curator

Kathe Burkhart Susan Silas Perry Bard; Andy Moses John Miller Jessica Diamond Robert Morgan Marilyn Minter, Aura Rosenberg, Juede Schndenwien and Bill Jones 
“Sex and Language” is produced as a means of opening both theoretical and practical relationships with artist and galleries in New York. Garnet Press invites New York artists Kathe Burkhart (Feature Gallery); Susan Silas (Fiction/Nonfiction Gallery); Perry Bard; Andy Moses (Marta Cervera Gallery); John Miller (Metro Pictures); Jessica Diamond (American Fine Arts); Robert Morgan (editor, Art Forum); Marilyn Minter, Max Protec; Aura Rosenberg, Juede Schndenwien (editor Arts), and Bill Jones (Jayne Baum Gallery). Sex & Language opens on Valentine's eve in a blizzard! CBC News crew and Toronto Star art critic Christopher Hume are there to meet the artists and cover the show.

Curriculum Vitae



84 Emerson Avenue. Toronto. M6H 3S9

(416) 537-6320




2009                               Master of Arts, York University Faculty of Graduate Studies

1982                               Associate of the Ontario College of Art, OCAD Design/Experimental Arts

1978                               Gemology, Metallurgy and Goldsmith Certification, George Brown College




2015 - Present               Trinity Square Video, Fundraising and Programming Committees

2014 – Present              B.I.G. (Bloordale Initiative Group) Programming Committee

2002 – Present              Gallery Toronto Photographers Workshop (TPW) Senior Advisory


1998-2002                      Gallery Toronto Photographers Workshop (TPW) Board Member                   
2002-2007                      C MAGAZINE, Board Member/Secretary          




2014 – Present               DIRECTOR/CURATOR, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON         


Manage the ongoing operations of the John B. Aird Gallery, a public not-for profit gallery, located in the Macdonald Block of the Provincial Buildings in Toronto, in accordance with the directives and approval of the Board of Directors including:


  • Work with board of directors steering committee to update Aird's governance, mission and mandate and develop appropriate structures to support these updates

  • Communications and promotions (to members, stakeholders and the public and making information available upon request)

  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility, (develop, plan and maintain budgets, undertake billing, disbursements and financial reconciliations)

  • Responsible for all financial documents required by the gallery accountant, auditor and Revenue Canada

  • Oversee and maintain insurance policies, including board of directors liability insurance, liability and fine art insurance 

  • Augment programs designed to make the gallery more visible, inviting and accessible

  • Provide curatorial direction and expertise

  • Write Canada Council, Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils grant applications

  • Plan for the sucession and diversity of board

  • Attend monthly Board of Directors’ meetings, work with board committees and report back to the board on gallery business

  • Work with Exhibition Committee to receive and review exhibition proposals and notify applicants of decisions taken

  • Co-ordinate exhibitions with exhibiting groups ensuring adherence to Gallery and Government of Ontario policies

  • Design and produce promotional and marketing materials including e-vites, labels, posters, flyers, press releases, business cards and catalogues

  • Manage/update the Aird's database, website and social media content

  • Liaison with ARCHIVES ONTARIO and Provincial Government Ministries at the Macdonald Block including the OPP, Infrastructure Ontario and CBRE property management

  • Coordinate rental of the Gallery space for Provincial Ministry Government sponsored events

  • Organize annual “Mistletoe Magic” fundraising event and other fundraising events that benefit the gallery

  • Make use of various software platforms including: Outlook, Microsoft word, Power Point, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, WIX, Word Press Mail Chimp and Vertical Response


2013-Present                 CURATOR, BIG (Bloordale Initiative Group), Toronto, ON


  • Plan and research, develop an integrated multi-media participatory art program of works featuring architects, artists, musicians and theatre groups from the GTA for the annual 2-day mid-summer BIG on Bloor Festival

  • Oversee event from set-up to strike

  • Create working schedule with budget

  • Source funding, write Toronto Arts Council, Celebrate Ontario and Heritage Canada grant applications and final reports

  • Liaise with BIG, municipal politicians, TDSB the local BIAs and New Horizons Seniors Home

  • Organize, conduct and attend monthly BIG community and BAAF artists workshops for all stakeholders

  • Negotiate artist fees, exhibition architecture and technical logistics

  • Write Heritage Canada, Celebrate Ontario and Toronto Arts Council grant applications and final reports, media release and website content,

  • Promote using a variety of social media, website updates

  • Public Relations including: conduct monthly community meetings, on air TV and radio interviews

  • Attend and oversee festival from set-up to strike to postmortem


2013-2010                      IN-HOUSE CURATOR, Art Gallery of Peterborough, City of Peterborough


  • Manage, (research, plan, schedule, administrate, staff, budget, interpret and deliver) 18 -20 (local, regional and national) contemporary art exhibits per annum, along with the accompanying art education programs for children through to seniors, morning through evening, summer holidays through winter break

  • Oversee and maintain the 1,600 piece permanent collection

  • Augment exhibition and education programs with films, artist talks, panels workshops and publications

  • Initiate AGP Triennial

  • Write Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council Grant applications; exhibition publication essays; newsletter content; media releases; promotional copy; the extended didactic labels and final reports

  • Produce print and online publications: work with artists writers editors, designers and photographers to over see all production from start to finish

  • Created opportunities for interns and volunteers

  •  Work with AGP board of directors on annual fund raiser and with the acquisition committee to research present and facilitate CCPERB gifts

  • Write CCPERB (Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board) OSNI (Outstanding Significance and National Importance) applications for works selected by the committee and ratified by the board

  • Community relations, including meet/work with the gallery’s stakeholders, board and City of Peterborough Managers, various volunteer groups


2009-2010                     CONTRACT CURATOR, Gallery/Stratford, City of Stratford, ON


  • Develop and produce contemporary art exhibits for the permanent collection and gallery two contemporary galleries

  • Organize install crew, insurance, packing, delivery and return shipping

  • Design and implement installation and lighting and oversee de-installation

  • WrIte critical text for extended website essays, exhibition labels and onsite didactics


2007- 2008                   MAP GRANT CONSULTANT, Ontario Association of Art Galleries, Toronto


  • Work with OAAG secretariat to arrive upon theme for annual OAAG Symposium

  • Research symposium content              

  • Develop and produce 3-day event for OAAG membership

  • Produce two day program

  • Select and invite speakers

  • Locate and negotiate space

  • Book documentation

  • WrIte symposium overview, promotions, website essays, both introductory and conclusion


2001-2003                    ARCHIVIST/SALES MANAGER, OPEN STUDIO Toronto. ON


1998 – 2002                 PRODUCER/HOST, ART ON AIR - CKLN RADIO (over 100 shows)


1997-2001                    ART CONSULTANT, Capital Vision Toronto, ON


Research and acquire a national corporate collection of original works by: Roy Arden, Barbara Astman, Thomas Corriveau, Cathy Daley, Tom Dean, Peter Dhykhuis, Gathie Falk, Gerald Ferguson, General Idea, Betty Goodwin, Angela Grauerholz, Thaddeus Holowina, Geoffrey James, James Lahey, Suzy Lake, Naomi London, Dyan Marie, John Massey, Scott McFarland, Gordon Smith, Serge Tousignant and Ian Wallace.


1991-Present               MARKET VALUATIONS & CCPERB (Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board) APPLICATIONS


Reports conducted for: Art Dealers Association of Canada, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Art Gallery of Thunder Bay, Art Gallery of Windsor, Art Gallery of Winnipeg, Art Gallery of York University, Carlton University Art Gallery, Confederation Art Centre, Glenbow Museum, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre – Mackenzie Art Gallery, McIntosh Art Gallery, McMaster Museum of Art, Mendel Art Gallery, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, National Gallery of Canada, Queens University - Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Museum/London, University of British Columbia Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery and many more.


On art works by: Kim Adams, Patrick Amos, Abraham Apakark Anghik, Stephen Andrews, John Armstrong, Maxwell Bates, Carl Beam, Michael Belmore, Ronald Bloore, Napoleon Brousseau, Frederick J. Brown, Bob Boyer, Claude Breeze, Jordan Broaworth, George Boileau, Hank Bull, Brian Burke, Bill Burns, Jack Bush, Jack Butler, Shelia Butler, Dennis Burton, Jane Buyers, John Arthur Clark, Sorel Cohen, Joe David, Rae Davis, Robert Davison, Louis de Niverville, Bonnie Devine, Sorel Etrog, Gary Evans, Janieta Eyre, Andy Fabo, Fast Wurms, Robert Flack, David General, Oliver Girling, Simon Glass, Sybil Goldstein, Betty Goodwin, Noel Harding, Faye HeavyShield, Robert Hendrick, J.C. Heywood, Robert Houle, Natalka Husar, Jay Isaac, Gershon Iskowitz, Alex Janvier, Tim Jocelyn, Rae Johnson, Bill Jones, Shelagh Keeley, Dorothy Knowles, Wanda Koop, William Kurelek, Suzy Lake, Pierre-Léon, Glenn Lewis, Micah Lexier, Catharine MacTavish, Greg Murphy, Ken Lum, John MacGregor, Eric Metcalfe, John Meredith, Norval Morrisseau, Greg Murphy, Mary Catherine Newcomb, Shelley Niro, Louis de Niverville, Anna Noeh, Louise Noguchi, Toni Onley, Charles Patcher, Andy Patton, William Perehudoff, Edward Poitras, Rick Pottruff, Christopher Pratt, Don Proch, Gordon Rayner, Mary Rawlyk, John Reeves, Arthur Renwick, Gina Rorai, Otto Rogers, Kathryn Ruppert-Dazai, Lyla Rye, Henry Sax, John Scott, Marc Seguin, Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Allen Smutylo, Michael Snow, Cheryl Sourkes, Greg Staats, Chrysanne Stathacos, Ho Tam, Eugenio Tellez, Pierre-Leon Tetreault, Roy Thomas, Barbara Todd, Jacques de Tonnancour, Harold Town, David Urban, Doug Walker, Helen Wassegijig, Joyce Wieland, Lawrence Yuxweluptun and many more.


1984-1997                     FOUNDER/DIRECTOR Garnet Press Gallery, Toronto, ON





2014    The BAAF: BIG Alternative Art Festival / The Art of Participation Project is a feature attraction at the BIG on Bloor Festival with participatory cultural events. The program features a collection of twelve distinct musical, theatrical and visual art projects presented on stage, paraded along the street and nested within and during the larger BIG Street fair. Presentations include: Artist Researcher: with Veronica Abrenica and Elizabeth Vargas, Chantal Taylor, Adam Moffatt, Tom Doughty, Henry Chan, Estrella Herzog, Tanya Gabriele, Niki Maph, Sarah Lettieri, Jounghwa No, Patricia Roncone and Rita Kamacho, United Diversity: Andrew Owen A01, the MUSIC GALLERY with special guests Weird Canada/Wyrd Distro (a non-profit distribution service for emerging, experimental Canadian music), and stage performances by Mas Aya and Nhapitapi, This, SHARE THIS: Dyan Marie with Ann O'Callaghan, Derek Liddington, Eldon Garnet, Jon Sasaki, Lois Andison, Monica Tap, Richard Mongiat, Sandra Brewster and 1000 others, Total Eclipse of the Heart: Emily Gove,  Cabinet of Queeriosities: Julius Poncelet Manapul and Juliet Manapul, Lying on Your Back While Overhearing Conversations and Socialist* Games: Mammalian Diving Reflex with Ana Marija (Project Coordinator), Cissy Yao, Jessica Qian, Sonyia Udayashankar, Shada Mahid, Sharay Dennis, Vanessa Osai, Claudia Howard, Lasasha Nesbeth, Farzanah, Jen Mac, Ada Cohen, Chozin Tenzin, Yasmin Benatti, Tizzy (no last name) and Annie Wong, It Loves To Happen (Silver Lining): Melanie Lowe, Boner Kill (Young Women’s Empowerment Group) with Ashley Harper, Sylvia Limbana, Sofy Mesa, Danielle Penney, Jacqueline Lossing, Marilyn Fernandes and Pamila Matharu, SMALL MERCIES, Tom Dean with Jiva MacKay, Max Kelly, Charlie Murray and Yvonne Dean, and the sweet grass/jazz posse,Tough Guy Mountain: with Joan Popular, Played by Jonathan Carroll, Ivan Phone, played by Iain Soder, Coco Feroche, played by Chloe Sullivan, Steven Robs, played by Sam Roberts, Cathy Beige, played by Cat Bluemke, Kyle Litecoin, played by Cale Weir and Walter Cash, played by William Kasurak and Madame Zsa Zsa aka Andrew Harwood. Taken in individually or all together these projects have community at their heart, in so far as they aim to create a safe and culturally charged urban streetscape, one where people feel free to linger, to enjoy and to take part in, by bringing the provisional, experimental and unexpectedly sweet, even magical qualities of contemporary culture, sometimes found in small theatres, music venues, artist’s studios and artist-run centres out onto the street.

2014    SMASH MEGA HITZ EXPLOSION 2, in HIT PARADE (curated by Keith Cole, Kelly McCray and Steph Rogerson) at PM GALLERY Toronto. This 6 piece video program, featuring short pieces by Dennis Day, Paige Gratland and Day Milman, Andrew Harwood, Alison Mitchell and Christina Zeidler and John Caffery and Sarah Haywood pays homage to Rob Flack’s 1993 Smash Mega Hits Explosion, curatorial project for Garnet Press, which featured favorite pieces by Rob’s favorite artists.


2013-15    New Century Abstracts, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough and Thames Art Gallery, Chatham/Kent. This group show features a theoretical essay by Andy Fabo and non-representational work by internationally exhibited Canadian artists, Carlo Cesta, Cathy Daley, Sanaz Mazinani, Shaan Syed, Dermot Wilson and Jinny Yu that alternate between exploring 21st century aesthetics and postcolonial politics that collected together open a space for noticing the potential of abstract art to encode both personal and geopolitical content in a variety of formats. 


2013-14   Into the Woods: Etchings by George Raab, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Art Gallery of Kamloops, BC and Thunder Bay Art Gallery. This solo show features variations on the forest subject as much as it presents the artist’s use of contemporary and traditional printmaking technologies in order to explore how formal conceptual, and liminal processes animate the printmaker’s depictions of time and place. Publication includes essays by J. M. Bailey and Carla Garnet. 


2013     Meryl McMaster: In-Between Worlds, AGP. This solo show encloses a series of otherworldly techno-colour photographs derived from performing eruditions of being betwixt and between histories and cultural identities (Aboriginal and Euro). Inasmuch her work enacts a bi-cultural dialogue within the present tense that, nevertheless, transports the past into the present enacting the possibilities of our divided personas.


2013    Jimson Bowler: Muskrat Love (Zhusk Ode Min), AGP. Inspired by pictures and stories of the muskrat, nishinaabe/trickster/nanaaboozhooo, this solo show explores relations between history, the native body, and the environment. Bowler’s land and water-going, vessel-like sculptures, that come replete with travelers’ gear and map like paintings, are deeply concerned with ‘the people’ who activate them and their place in world.


2013    Nature in Culture, AGP. This 2-person show presents Melissa Doherty and Sarah Maloney exquisite paintings and sculptures that arise from imagery found in nature to explore the construction of gender, power and desire. Doherty layers paint to the extent that individual brush marks disappear and lush sensual topographic maps and tree canopies appear. Maloney’s sculpture series, Reflection, is informed by three types of (bronze) lady slipper orchids that sprout from hand crafted mirrored dressing tables, chairs and embroideries are presented as intimate bedroom furniture. Since spectators can only see the flower sculpture fully in the round through the reflective properties of the artist’s dressing table mirrors, the gaze becomes a central theme of this work.  In this way Maloney’s interest in the representations of flower and plant forms finds an intersection with Doherty’s interrogation of the landscape genre.


2013    David Clarkson and Michelle Gay Space and Time, AGP. This exhibit features drawing, painting and sculptural new media work by David Clarkson and Michelle Gay as a means to explore networks of the technological, cultural, virtual, mythic and historical, substance nested in notions of space and time.


2012-2013   Flowers and Photography, AGP and McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton. This group exhibition showcases photographs and video by Sara Angelucci, Barbara Astman, Suzy Lake, Sasha YungJu Lee, Dyan Marie and Lori Newdick that pictures the heightened relationship between feminism and feminism and flowers and photography. Publication includes essays by Edward Colless, Carla Garnet and Sally McKay.


2012    Streaming Alterity, AGP. Co-curated with Pam Edmonds this group show features video, photography and installation by Rebecca Belmore, Emelie Chhangur, Johanna Householder, Pamila Matharu, Nadia Myre, Natalie Wood, and Christina Zeidler to explore recent histories of feminist activism, anti-racism, and the poetics of personal journey. 


2012    Melissa General: Longing and Belonging, AGP. This solo show addresses changes the artist’s identity undergoes moving off reserve via self-image photography and video.


2012    Diana Yoo: Wall on Wall, AGP. Wall on Wall features photographs by Diana Yoo that show spatial divides between inside and outside, as well as where we are and where we may not go. The artist’s minimalist photos frame boundaries & architectural structures to depict the dual notions of near and far, as well as same and different.


2011-13    Robert Houle's Paris/Ojibwa, AGP and the Art Gallery of Windsor This multi-media installation comprises a theatre set replete with a sound component and futurist video projection that re-imagines a grand 1845 Parisian salon in which two different cultures, Ojibwa and Parisian, make contact, evoking the lingering memory of Ojibwa dance troupe performing for the Parisian court. Publication includes essays by Robert Houle, David McIntosh, Nelcya Delanoë and Barry Ace.


2011-12    Arnold Zageris: On the Labrador, AGP and Robert McLaughlin. Co-curated with Linda Jansma this photo-based exhibition shows the effects of the sun, storm and tides on the coastline of a little known part of the North Atlantic. Seen together, Zageris’ colour prints wittingly take up the epistemological foundations of realist photographic practice, one that extends from scientific systems of thought and a quest for knowledge. Publication with essays by: Carla Garnet and Linda Jansma.


2011-12    Suzy Lake, Political Poetics, University the Toronto Art Centre, McIntosh Gallery - Western University, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Mt St Vincent, and the Art Gallery of Peterborough. Co-curated with Matthew Brower is solo lens based show foregrounds work from Lake’s four decade long interdisciplinary practice which takes up and examines models of femininity. Publication includes essays by: Dr Matthew Brower, Carla Garnet and Dr Dot Tuer.


2011    Sholem Krishtalka, Excepts from the Lurking Series, AGP. Krishtalka’s solo exhibit reflects on the wide usage of Facebook and how this social platform has borne a new vernacular meaning for the verb ‘to lurk’. In this new coinage, ‘to lurk someone’ is to troll through their Facebook photos, to investigate their visual history, in some sense to stalk them. With this work, the artist does precisely that: all of the drawings in his series 150 drawings are made from Krishtalka’s friends’ Facebook photos. Generally speaking, Krishtalka’s work is a deconstruction (or perhaps more aptly, a reconstruction) of his life; it documents his relationships, mapping his life and community. In that sense, these drawings function equally as autobiography: friends (both intimate and extremely casual) and lovers are all represented here. While it may seem initially voyeuristic, Lurking is much more a document of the artist’s life than those he portrays.


2011-2010    Michael Caines: Wild/Tame, AGP. This solo show, features disturbing yet beautifully drawn and painted contemporary POP/Surrealist works on panel, canvas and paper by Michael Caines. Drawing from a variety of literary and art influences the artist’s sequential narratives rearrange and re-imagine figurative iconography. A colour catalogue accompanies the exhibition with introduction by Carla Garnet an essay by R.M. Vaughan and an interview with Thom Butter.


2010    Warm Ice, AGP. Warm Ice is a story-bound group exhibition which assembles together film, video, installation, painting and sculpture by Michael Belmore, Deanna Bowen, Griffin Brothers (Clint & Scott Griffin), Mike Hansen, Luis Jacob, Rae Johnson, Christy Langer, Paulette Phillips, Gretchen Sankey and Sharon Switzer to stage a warming of the North as an allegorical theatre of sorts.


2010    Drowning Ophelia, Gallery Stratford. This group exhibition presents painting, sculpture, video, photography and new media pieces by Janet Bellotto, John Dickson, Janieta Eyre, Sue Lloyd, Paulette Phillips, Mélanie Rocan and Sharon Switzer as way to delve into the timely and timeless allegory of Ophelia’s watery demise.


2009-10    Allyson Mitchell Ladies Sasquatch, McMaster Museum of Art, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Winnipeg, and the AGP. Mitchell’s bold installation is driven by a desire to see the artist’s powerful symbolizations of female brains, brawn, and sexuality in a gathering, representing community. Fore-grounded in this project is the artist’s creation of six, freestanding, figurative works that actively marry feminist theory with the artist’s favorite material, fun fur. Publication includes essays by: Allyson Mitchell, Carla Garnet, Josephine Mills and Ann Cvetkovich.


2008    Refusing the Frame, Gales Gallery, York University. Co-curated with Sally McKay this group exhibit explores visual concepts of identity politics and coextensive space in a wide range of media by: Kiki Athanassiadis, Laura Barrón, David Bender, Thomas Blanchard, Stéphanie Chabot, Atom Deguire, Angela Del Buono, Melissa General, Emily Gove, Joe Hambleton, Mike Hansen, Raffael Iglesias, Natasha Ivanco, Jennifer Long, Melanie Lowe, David MacDougall, Asma Mahmood, Kate McQuillen, Lisa Neighbour, Lauren Nurse, Stephanie Reynolds, Kristi Ropeleski, Geoffrey Shea, Jennie Suddick, Niknaz Tavakolian, and Jay Wilson.


2007    Illuminated Drawing and Sound Performance, Bloordale Nuit Blanche, Toronto, ON

This group exhibit presents light or sound based works by Jackson Abrams, Carl Apple, Hollis Baptiste, Sandra Brewster, Andy Fabo, Stephen Fakiyesi, Cynthia Foo, Carlos Granados-Ocon, Mike Hansen, Dr Janet Jones, Kate Monro, Natalie Olanick, Sholem Krishtalka, Niknaz Tavakolian, Adrienne Trent and Lorne Wagman. Performance by Srimoyee Mitra Front window DVD projections Jesse Bellon, James Gillespie, Lorna Mills, Lyla Rye with John Dickson and Lena and Yvonne.


2006-07    Sharon Switzer FALLING FROM GRACE, McMaster Museum of Art. This solo features video, sculpture and text based works titled Gravity, Little Town Blues and A New Song by Sharon Switzer. Each arresting piece displays a combination of pathos and humour. For instance Gravity, reveals a long list of platitudes that flow down the length of a fantastical waterfall that combines a mass-produced ‘lighted moving photograph’ with footage of Niagara Falls. Ambient sound reinforces the bucolic backdrop, making the insincerity of the text uncomfortably clear. The falseness of the scene is as comical as it is magical. Publication includes essays by Carla Garnet, Dr Steve Reinke and Dr Linda Steer.


2005-2008    18 ILLUMINATIONS: CONTEMPORARY ART AND LIGHT, Tom Thomson Art Galley, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Art Gallery of Peterborough, McLaren Art Centre, St. Mary’s University Art Gallery, Winnipeg Art Gallery and Kenderdine Art Gallery - University of Saskatchewan. Co-curated with Corinna Ghaznavi 18 Illuminations is like a chandelier, comprised of many cut crystals, the exhibition makes visible a stunning spectacle of multi-faceted art works by Stephen Andrews, Kenn Bass, Janet Bellotto, Dana Claxton, Tom Dean, Stan Denniston, Sarindar Dhaliwal, Reuel Dechene, Luis Jacob, Bill Jones, Micah Lexier, Bernie Miller, Sheila Moss, Lisa Neighbour, Ed Pien, Chrysanne Stathacos, Sharon Switzer, and Tim Whiten. Publication includes essays by Carla Garnet, Corinna Ghaznavi and Stuart Reid.


2005    fair cruelty, University of Waterloo Art Gallery. Co-curated with Andrew Harwood this 2-person show that takes its title from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The show juxtapositions Shannon Griffith’s Gag Order, made from digitally copied colorized and enlarged selections of archival Hollywood publicity posters showing gagged heroines as popular entertainment with Guntar Kravis’ Les Petit Morts, a series of large format black and white photos of young beautiful men in ecstasy shots culled from porn footage and re-presented to fit photography’s specifications for conventional vertical headshots. The combination of artists and curators voices articulates the power that still resides, in artistic strategy of portraiture and appropriation.


2003 - 2004    POP IDENITY, OPEN STUDIO and Memorial University Art Gallery. This group exhibit features print based work from Open Studio’s archive by Andy Fabo, Sandra Haar, Isabelle Hemard, Brenda Joy Lem, Eric Mathew, Ed Pien, Lilianna Rodriguez, Leesa Streifler, Joanne Tod, Patrick Traer, Daryl Vocat, Steven White and Paul Wong. These fine art prints make use of the bright graphic styles found in popular advertisements, and use this format as strategy to display symbols that perform as cultural identity.


2002    Looking for Dick, OPEN STUDIO.  Looking for Dick explores alternate intelligence through a science-fictive lens likening it to the one used by Philip K. Dick to covertly talk about contentious but important issues of his day. To make this show were artists invited to submit proposals from an alternate universe for an exhibition that questions the boundaries of contemporary printmaking by using all forms of media. Whereas literature serves as a repository for dreams and fears, comedy and tragedy, works by Shinobu Akimoto, Shelly Bahl, Shawn Bailey, Monica Biagiolis, Patrick DeCoste, Kevin Finlayson, Shannon Griffiths, Graham Hollings, Viet H. Le, Naomi London, Andrew McLaren, Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov, Myron Turner, Corinne Whitaker suggest that contemporary art functions as another treasury for political satire.


2001-03    breath taking, Gallery TPW and the Floating Gallery. Co-curated with Sharon Switzer Kelly McCray and Sue Lloyd’s exhibit presents photo-based work that belongs to the Toronto tradition of constructing pictorial allegory. The show juxtapositions 2 bodies of work: McCray’s Gnawts photos, which sample video imagery that emphasizes the actions of a man who allows his body to be covered with love bites by a mysterious male figure with Sue Lloyd’s searchworks, bifurcated photos showing a world impossibly split in two with women in the top portion of the image floating in boats, searching with lanterns, staring down into watery depths, while women in the lower portion of the image swim deep beneath separated from the others by time, space and the constraints of the image. The publication includes essays by Carla Garnet and Sharon Switzer.


2001-03   HO TAM: LESSONS, Gallery TPW, The National Gallery of Canada – Contemporary Museum of Canadian Photography, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, and Centre A Vancouver. This exhibit presents a series of twenty-five colour photographs in which Tam moves between the role of observer and participant. His images come from a recent visit to the colonial Catholic boys‚ school in Hong Kong that he attended as a pre-teen from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Using a low-resolution 8mm camcorder, Tam filmed his surroundings and then re-photographed directly from the television screen while the tape played, producing a series of grainy yet sensitive photographs. The artist reflects on personal childhood memories, the collective schooling experience during adolescence and most prevalent the "lessons" learned during these formative years - love, desire, discipline, trust, fear and loss of innocence. Publication includes interview with artist and curator and an essay by Tom Folland.







Carla Garnet currently works as the John B. Aird Gallery Director/Curator and JOUEZ curator for the annual BIG On Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture in Toronto. Garnet is on the Trinity Square Video Board of Directors where she is active on both the program and fundraising committees. She has worked as in-house curator at the Art Gallery of Peterborough (2010-2013), as guest curator at Gallery Stratford (2009-2010), as an independent curator (1997-2010) and as the founder and director of Garnet Press Gallery (1984-97). While at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, in addition to her curatorial work, she developed and managed the gallery’s education program. Garnet holds an Associate Diploma from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a Masters Degree in Art History from York University.


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